Welcome to our On-Line Venue + Store, you will have access to Arlene’s work and beautiful and frefined art pieces available at the gallery or in our on-line store. Feel free to make a reservation and visit us for a close look at our Interior Design Services as well as our art pieces available.

Interior Designs & Fine Art

Arlene Angard designs colorful and comfortable spaces for the luxury residential, commercial, and hospitality markets. Angard’s deep experience with universal design, sustainable sources, and technology combined with a flair for art and style creating practical, functional, and beautiful projects.

Angard is a gallery owner and art curator, with a particular passion for emerging artists. Her boutique gallery is located in Manhattan’s chic Upper East Side and features an exciting, ever-changing roster of contemporary fine artists from around the world.

Besides Angard’s collection of bespoke furniture and rugs, she travels the globe finding inspiring antiques, available in our Store.

A Wonderful Interior Designer + Fine Arts
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Interior Designs and Fine Art Customized to You


The first meeting with you  is the starting point for completing your project. Arlene will assess how you use the rooms in your home, your limitations, your taste, and your expecatations to gain a full understanding of your project.


Based on your specifications, we are able to create an extremely detailed plan of your interior space. After selecting your products, we work with you to determine the colours, materials, and finishes.

From idea to reality

We will organize the delivery, assembly and installation of your products by qualified professionals. Arlene will be there to assist you through every step of the process.

Our Work

For Arlene Angard, each project is different because each client is unique. Through collaborative dialogue, she uses her design expertise and unique touch to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that your project is perfectly achieved.

Our Customers say…

“On exceptional occasions, the format, materials and purpose lend themselves to working on the emotions through figurativism. Arlene Angard’s rugs are one of the formats that allow me to work with total freedom.” –

“Arlene designed and built my whole apartment with custom made furniture and art just as I fantasized for years! The whole process was very smooth, fast and elegant despite the very ambitious renovation plans.”


“I love to come by Arlene’s gallery events and showrooms to purchase art. She always features the latest, contemporary new artists, photographers and sculptors.”


“Arlene is leading the future of interior design with her eclectic style, radiant energy and eco friendly passion for the world. She treats each project with acute precision and free creative spirit drawing from only the most vibrant and happy fashion trends. It is always a fantastic pleasure to work with Arlene from start to finish!”