Arlene Angard Designs Area Rug Collection

Arlene Angard Area Rug Collection “Mar Majestic” in Wool, Silk, Bamboo, Alpaca and Spa.

“Mar Majestic” is Arlene Angard’s premiere collection of area rugs, made from hand-knotted and hand-tufted wool, silk, bamboo and alpaca. The rugs are inspired by Angard’s visits to beaches around the world and the magical moments enjoyed seaside, where earth, water, and air collide. The high quality construction is perfect for the most luxurious spaces—and like at the beach, enjoyed most when barefoot. The collection is made to order and available in both standard and custom sizes and custom colors through Arlene Angard Designs.

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“Maldivian Waters” by Arlene Angard

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“Phi Phi”
“Sunset in Tahiti”
“Sunset in Bermuda”

“Sunset in Ibiza”

“Sunset in Maldives”

“Rio de Janeiro”

“Aruba Baby”
To order these products send a request E-mail to: [email protected]

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