Arlene Angard Designs Area Rug Collection

Arlene Angard Area Rug Collection “Mar Majestic” in Wool, Silk, Bamboo, Alpaca or Spa.

“Mar Majestic” is Arlene Angard’s premiere collection of area rugs, made from hand-knotted and hand-tufted wool, silk, bamboo, alpaca or spa. The rugs are inspired by Angard’s visits to beaches around the world and the magical moments enjoyed seaside, where earth, water, and air collide. The high quality construction is perfect for the most luxurious spaces—and like at the beach, enjoyed most when barefoot. The collection is designed and made to order and available in both standard and custom sizes and custom colors through Arlene Angard Designs.

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“Maldivian Waters” by Arlene Angard

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Blue Shades


In the Indian Ocean, a sanctuary of the world’s most biologically diverse sea species with undeniably beautiful stretches of sand and its sparkling turquoise blue waters.


This Island is a secluded tropical paradise offering the ultimate barefoot luxury and exclusive privacy with their turquoise blue waters.


A sweep of powdery sand and turquoise blue waters in the Southern Aegean sea that reminds us of its all-day party spirit.

“Phi Phi”

Islands in the middle of the Andaman Sea with gorgeous white sand and crystal-clear turquoise blue waters is home to an underwater world full of colorful life. The sand on these impressive beaches is so soft and soothing to the barefoot.


Magenta, Pink and Orange

“Sunset in Tahiti”

A stunning backdrop of lush forests, giant boulders, and magenta-purplish hills. You can grasp the extent of the area’s perfection; A beautiful sunset will be your reward for surviving another day.

“Sunset in Bermuda”

Its shorelines are known for their carpeted soft pink magenta sand that ranges in color from blush to coral. … Sunset seekers enjoy the pink sand beaches everyday. Sunsets are our reminder that endings can often be beautiful too.

“Sunset in Ibiza”

Sunsets on Ibiza are easily some of the best the Mediterranean has to offer. They are pretty spectacular, with beautiful orange, red and purple tones that seduce those viewing one with sights of pure dreaminess.

“Sunset in Maldives”

The pinkish-purplish-red or mauvish crimson sunsets are common here. The magical time when day turns into night and you can expect your own minor miracle.


Green, brown and pink

“Rio de Janeiro”

A huge seaside city in Brazil, well known for the beauty of its beaches and of its peaks, ridges, and hills—all partly covered by tropical forests.


Hawaii’s “Garden Island.” Draped in emerald valleys, sharp mountain spires and jagged cliffs. Its dramatic beauty is truly timeless.

“The Hamptons”

And its Long Island laid-back atmosphere and rich culture. Its many small towns provide a wonderful escape from the Big City to discover the undeniable allure of its immense and rich history, beauty and diversity.

“Aruba Baby”

This gorgeous half-moon sandy pink beach expanse in a calm lagoon. It is ideal for kids. The shallow waters make it a prime beach destination for swimmers.

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