Customer Reviews

“On exceptional occasions, the format, materials and purpose lend themselves to working on the emotions through figurativism. Arlene Angard’s rugs are one of the formats that allow me to work with total freedom.” –

“Arlene is leading the future of interior design with her eclectic style, radiant energy and eco friendly passion for the world. She treats each project with acute precision and free creative spirit drawing from only the most vibrant and happy fashion trends. It is always a fantastic pleasure to work with Arlene from start to finish!” 


“I love to come by Arlene’s gallery events and showrooms to purchase art. She always features the latest, contemporary new artists, photographers and sculptors.”


“Fantastic, vibrant and beautiful! Arlene never fails to amaze me with flawless project planning and execution. On top of the chic interior design services, the Arlene Angard Designs Gallery on Madison is my favorite place to go for new contemporary and eclectic art paintings, sculptures and furniture!”


“I love collecting fresh new and chic art pieces from Arlene Angards Gallery on Madison! Every season she brings in new artists from around the world that I can add to my personal collection. I absolutely love working with Arlene!”


“I adore Arlene! She is punctual, strong with a great taste in art. My sculptures are always selling out from her gallery with has been wonderful!”


“I was so happy that Arlene made my house in LA! I loved the colors and textures that she placed for me and I always feel welcome in my home!.”


“Arlene designed and built my whole apartment with custom made furniture and art just as I fantasized for years! The whole process was very smooth, fast and elegant despite the very ambitious renovation plans.”


“As a long time client of Arlene Angard for 13 years I love coming back for more and more projects. I still live in the beautiful estates she designed for me in her outstanding unique eclectic style. Currently we are working on three different interior design projects that are coming out just as I imagined! I can’t wait to continue working with Arlene and see what other gorgeous projects we can make together!” 


“For the last three years I have been working with Arlene Angard Designs as a contractor on every project from full renovations of houses to landscaping the property. Each project is unique and easy to execute with Arlene’s great leadership skills and execution.”


“Arlene Angard Designs Gallery exhibits my paintings and consistently places my paintings in her projects. I have worked with Arlene for the last 4 years from charity events, showrooms to gallery exhibits and it has always been a blast!” 


“It has been a fabulous 30 years working with Arlene Angard Gallery and have my paintings being placed in so many of her interior design projects. I cannot wait to keep working with Arlene for more years to come!”


“I’ve been working with Arlene for the last 20 years as web designer for her websites, marketing letters and anything web related and some of her interior design portfolio pictures. She is a fantastic person, very professional and a pleasure to work with!”