2020 “Hands – Painter” Photo print on Kodak glossy paper by Maria Grazia Facciolà Photography

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“My art is the imprint of my soul… I use my hands and all my ten fingers to sculpturally paint the canvas itself…my hands are perhaps the most truthful parts of my spirit…”

Ana Tzarev – Painter

A series of Black & White Photographs depicting a wide variety of individuals, from artists to laborers In each case, the hands lead us to knowledge and to each person’s character
“When the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art” Leonardo Da Vinci 1452 – 1519

Photo print on Kodak glossy paper mounted on foamboard .

Maria Grazia Facciolà

The moments in which Maria Grazia Facciolà experiences the most profound joy are when her photography touches people. When, in addition to capturing their likeness, it captures their energy. When her subjects see their inner selves in her work, it is a defining moment of bliss for her. A glimpse into one’s inner beauty translated through a photograph is like magic that can be touched. She believes that beauty, in its simplicity, is the quintessential expression of inspiration. A real self equals real beauty, and when this quest begins, inspiration occurs at the moment one catches the other. The same principle is applied to her travel photography. She loves to incorporate people as they add context, culture, movement into the real or imaginary story you decide to see in her images.

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Dimensions24 × 36 × 0.1 in
Creator / Artist

Maria Grazia Facciolà (Italian)

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Photo print on Kodak glossy paper mounted on foamboard

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21st Century