Arlene Angard Designs & Fine Art at Eurotrend Spring 2022

Arlene Angard Designs and Fine Art has teamed up with EUROTREND spaces to showcase contemporary European furniture at their location at 275 Broome St., Soho, NYC. This collaboration blends modern European design with Arlene Angard’s selection of abstract paintings from her artist’s portfolio. Visitors can enjoy a unique combination of innovative furniture pieces and striking artworks, creating an inspiring atmosphere for interior design enthusiasts.

The display at EUROTREND spaces features a variety of abstract paintings that add energy and vibrancy to the modern furniture. Arlene’s collection enhances the showroom with bold colors, textures, and shapes, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary art and design. This partnership turns 275 Broome St. into a must-visit spot for those interested in the latest trends in both art and interior decor.