Arlene Angard Designs & Fine Art at Winter 2022 Exhibition with Various Artists

Arlena Angard Designs and Fine Art Studio is thrilled to present an extraordinary exhibition that bridges the timeless elegance of classical art with the innovative functionality of modern design.

Featuring works by Marty Hulsebos, Gerald Siciliano, Nana de la Fuente, and the dynamic duo Jover+Valls. Hulsebos’s breathtaking landscape photography captures nature’s serene beauty with a contemporary touch, while Siciliano’s meticulously crafted furniture reinterprets classical motifs in sleek, functional forms.

De la Fuente’s sculptures pay homage to ancient traditions, exploring human form and nature with a blend of classical beauty and modern sensibilities. Jover+Valls merge historical craftsmanship with bold, modern aesthetics in their bespoke furniture. This exhibition invites visitors to explore the dialogue between classical art and modern functionality, where each artist’s work celebrates the fusion of past and present in a unique artistic experienc