Arlene Angard Designs & Fine Art, Pillow Collection 2023 at Julian Chichester Showroom

In 2023, Arlene Angard Designs and Fine Art held an exhibition at the Julian Chichester Showroom in NYC to showcase Arlene’s Pillow Collection. The collection perfectly represented her three-word philosophy: Chic, Colorful, and Comfortable. Each pillow was designed to add a touch of elegance and vibrancy to any space while ensuring maximum comfort.

The Julian Chichester Showroom provided a beautiful setting for the exhibition, with its exquisite furniture serving as the perfect backdrop for Arlene’s pillows. Visitors were impressed by how the pillows combined style and practicality, transforming ordinary furniture into stunning focal points. The exhibition highlighted Arlene’s unique ability to blend fashion and function in her designs.